Steam sauna, steam shower, steam room for home - steam room dimensions

A Steamroom or steam bath called, is ideal for cleaning your skin and relaxing your airways. Unlike the traditional sauna steam room has a humidity of 100% and a pleasant, warm and humid climate, which is less stressful effect on heart and circulatory system. A separate steam sauna turns your bathroom into a wellness temple, already the ancient Romans and Greeks knew to appreciate. There are different models in bathroom convenient sizes that fit a variety of room conditions. Thus, even in a small or narrow bathroom. steam room are integrated.

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How does a steam sauna?

Steam sauna, steam shower, steam room for home - steam room dimensions

In general, a Steamroom for home nothing more than a Multifunctional showers. mostly the same space needs, as a conventional shower. The closed cabins can have multiple extras. Thus, for example next to the steam function, and additionally light or Aromatherapien pamper the body. In addition, most multifunction cabins have a rainshower and lateral jets and are equipped with a radio and loudspeakers. The steam function is relatively straightforward. In a steam generator the supplied water is brought to a boil and passed through heat resistant hoses and nozzles in the cab. By a ventilation system, the steam is passed again to the outside and fresh air thus passes into the cabin.

The use of a steam sauna

Steam sauna, steam shower, steam room for home - steam room dimensions

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First, you should cleanse your body in the shower with soap. If the Steamroom have now activated, it takes about 10 minutes until the steam from the generator is heated and flows into the cabin. The circuit is now activated and you start to sweat. After only 10 minutes the blood pressure rises, releases tension, dirt and toxins are excreted and skin cells renew themselves. The use of a steam sauna should be no longer than 15-20 minutes, take room temperature at about 50 degrees. The next important part is cooling. You should not shower cold at the beginning, but start lukewarm and continously the temperature of shower head reduce. Catch it slowly with their feet and go hiking with the shower ever upward. After a cooling period of a further 5 minutes you should rest. A dormancy 25 minutes is recommended.

health benefits

By changing from hot steam and cold showers is the circulation boosted the immune system strengthened cleaned the skin and the respiratory tract freed. The addition of various essential oils and herbal essences also help with heavy respiratory diseases such as bronchitis, asthma and hay fever. The moist heat supporting the elasticity of the connective tissue and helps small rheumatic complaints to relieve and relax tight muscles. As in an artificial fever are all pathogen destroyed and inner well-being occurs. The skin is cleansed smooth, supple and deep into the pores. By alternating between hot steam and cold showers is the skin aging slowed and even acne improved.

steam shower

A steam shower is a combination of sauna and whirlpool. The emphasis is on the unique shower experience that through multiple jets, a rain shower and a small steam function, each shower can become a spa treatment. A Steamroom however, is driven by a steam generator, the water is heated and eventually passes as vapor through refractory nozzles and hoses in the cab. We Him explain the exact difference between the two steam experiences and everything you need to know about it.

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